Who We Are

The goal that the members of Wonder Truss set themselves at the outset, is to direct its pruduzione to products that have characteristics of innovation and creativity . Each of them, contributing its expertise, has meant that the products of Wonder Truss were characterized by what is surely the business philosophy, product originality and quality.

Quality and Functional Design from welding to assembly Wonder Truss introduced the quality and functional design in the world of aluminum structures. This has allowed us to design products with more mechanically assembled parts and less welding, increased the safety of all products.

Sede Wonder Truss strutture tralicci in alluminio

WONDER TRUSS specializes in the fabrication of aluminium truss and structural components for the entertainment, audiovisual, exhibition and worship industries, big roofs and rigging hardware.

What We Do

Wonder Truss offers a wide range of Aluminum Trusses and Structures, Stages and Platforms. Fields of application of products Wonder Truss are several: they can be used in structures to support solar panels, shops, nightclubs, pubs, large covers, in trade fairs or showrooms, or to create lighting structures or support for billboards or WIFI antennas of any type.

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The introduction of Wonder Truss has created a new way of understanding and using the aluminum structure, the Wonder Truss is expressed with technical skills, new materials, innovative design, high levels of safety, attention to market needs, quality and production capacity.
Wonder Truss System is a simple concept that rests on a high technological standard.